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  • Platform Web, iOS, Android
  • Duration 5 Month
  • Services UI/UX Design, Product Design, Design Thinking

To research, ideate, and build a system which is able make everyday tasks easier for teachers. The system should also be able to provide content which can help them in their professional development. Since the problem statement was quite open ended, We followed the design thinking process. The process helped us gain insights on different whats, whys and hows throughout the different phases of the project.


Learn about the user


Define the problem based on customer needs & insights


Brainstorm many possible solutions


Build a representation of the solutions


Test it with the actual users to get insights

Understanding the Users

User Interviews : Telephonic Interviews of around 14 Teachers were conducted. Tasks involved are creating an non leading and open ended questionnaire, Interviewing and discussions, Analysing the information found out in the interview.

User Interviews

Personas: To make use of these insights in further design process, User Personas were created. User Personas helped us empathise with the target audience and guide the decisions in further stages of the project. A persona consisted Bio, Devices, Goals, Motivations, Frustrations, and Technological knowledge.


User Stories: User Stories are actionable statements which can be user to ideate features in earlier stages and also to provide the development team a rationale behind why these features were created when the integration begins. Over 50 user stories were created for teachers, some of them are as follows:

Mapping the current Experience

The Ideation

Brainstorming : Creating, discussing and noting down various concepts, Features, and expected flows.

The Composition

Wireframing : Creating wireframes for multiple solutions and discussing them with the team and the stakeholders

Invision Prototype

Mobile Screenshots

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